Okay, maybe not exactly a new thing. I know lots of moms who consume cannabis on a regular basis. They are some of the best moms I know. Great with their kids, great with their careers and/or managing a household. Until recently, most of these moms have had to keep their marijuana use on the down low. God forbid CPS finds out you - gasp! - smoke a joint to take the edge off of dealing with a stressful, pandemonium filled life.

Times are changing. It's been socially acceptable to be a "wine mom" for some time (with all the funny wine mom memes that come with a bottle of red). Now, in this article in Parents magazine, one mom shares how micro-dosing cannabis edibles has helped her in a number of ways. She says:

These days, I micro-dose for pain or anxiety anywhere from five to 10 days a month. And every once in a while, I take higher doses recreationally. With edibles, I've found a way to take just enough to truly enjoy myself; to even be social and enjoy my time with friends. I've actually come to a point of preferring marijuana to alcohol, which isn't something I ever thought would happen.

There is even a Facebook page for cannabis moms called The Cannavist Mom, that has around 35,000 members. Wow. Of course, I alway encourage anyone to parent responsibly. If this happens to include marijuana, more power to you.

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