For those that don't spend a ton of time in the outdoors, it's easy for our imaginations to start running wild when we hear strange sounds coming from the woods. Especially at night. Coyotes, mountain lions, elk, bear, wolves, and raccoons all roam the state and many of them make interesting vocalizations. Some people even believe that Bigfoot lurks in the wilds of Montana.

A resident named Lynne Hiatt recently uploaded a video to the popular private Facebook group called "Montanica!" The group has over 114,000 members and most of the posts on the page are pictures of scenery, artwork, nostalgia and other cool stuff around the 406. It's a great page for anyone who loves Big Sky Country and it's one of the few comment sections on Facebook that doesn't instantly divulge into political arguments. Refreshing, right?

Lynne's video appears to be recorded just after sunset  and was shot from her backyard near Kalispell. Her post asked, "Montana experts- what animal is making the high pitch noise in this video? Interestingly, it was repeatedly followed by turkey vocalizations."

The audio is really low, so you'll need to crank up your speakers. You can hear the creature in question at the beginning, about :16 seconds in and again around the :26 second mark. I've amplified the audio in another clip (below).

CLICK TO WATCH: What animal is making this sound?

Here's the amplified audio clip:

What do you think? Is that an elk or a coyote? A baby Yeti? We sent the audio to Jeff "the Nature Guy" Ewelt at ZooMontana for his expert opinion on what creature is making the sounds in the recording and he said,

If I had to guess, I’d say a coyote.  Their howls are high pitched like that, although, not usually that long.  However, in the last howl, you can sort of hear other “dogs” yipping. 

Jeff added (jokingly, we hope) that if it's not a coyote, perhaps the Chupacabra has arrived in Montana!

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