I've always had a lead foot. Always enjoyed trying to set new "personal bests" when going from one town to another. (Once made Billings to Grass Range in 54 minutes) I had a car that would do 150 mph plus back when there was the "Safe & Prudent" law. Good days.

But as we were talking this morning, I saw an article that had Montana Director Of Transportation, Mike Tooley, talking about the higher number of fatalities on Montana roads compared to the number that had died but this time in 2015.

I don't think he looked at all the possible factors, like the weather this year versus last year. But, again, people not wearing seat belts is a big problem. In fact 70 percent of the people killed this year were not wearing their seat belts.

But as I was reading all of the information, I think that I got to what everybody really wants to know. How much is the fine? How much for 10 mph over? 20 mph over?

Here's what I found: 1-10 mph over the speed limit is a $40 fine and is not reported to your insurance company. (If I read this correctly.)

If you are caught going 11 miles over the posted limit, it's $70;  21 over is $120 and 31 over will cost you $200.

But as I have some experience being ticketed for speeds over 100 mph, at some point I know you get into the realm of "Careless Driving" and "Reckless Driving."

And even if you were WINNING the race, you have to pay.  But I don't know what those costs are these days.

So, keep it around 80 on the interstates. And, wearing your seat belt is never a bad idea.