With people across the nation continuing to relocate to Montana, odds are good that sooner or later your next door neighbor could be a transplant from New Jersey or Connecticut or Alabama or - gasp - even the dreaded Californian.

As much as we'd like to lock the gates to outsiders (since we have our piece of Montana, no one else should get any, right?), the fact remains that people are moving here by the droves and there is little anyone can do about it. We can complain and grumble, or accept the many reasons people find our state attractive and give them a warm Montana welcome.

I recently saw a post on a Montana Facebook page, where the gal said they have a friend moving here from Louisiana and they were asking for suggestions on a Montana "survival kit" that would be filled with a mix of useful, humorous and thoughtful gifts for a Montana newbie.


Users posted a ton of practical items that you would expect like snow shovels, ice scrapers, hand warmers, etc.  I loved some of the more original suggestions though. Check out some of the highlights that were posted.

  • Red long John's with the button flap.

  • Block heater, sub zero socks, good boots, and cat litter, sub zero mummy bag for the back of the car, a space blanket, HUCKLEBERRY EVERYTHING

  • A deck of cards to play solitaire with. Tell him to deal a game any time he gets stuck in a snowdrift. Someone will be there shortly to tell him that black 9 goes on that red 10.

  • Anything huckleberry. If I'm gonna die in a snow blizzard I want candy.
  • A lighter to make his car keys hot when door locks freeze. Needlepoint pliers to get key out if it breaks in house or car door.

I love it. What would you add to the Montana Survival Starter Kit list that hasn't been covered? Let us know in the Comments.

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