Here's the biggest tip for camping in the winter in Montana: don't. Just kidding. Winter camping can be a great experience. Or so I've heard. I don't really love the cold weather and I don't have the appropriate gear at the moment, but part of me finds the idea attractive. Practically zero crowds this time of year make it significantly easier to find solitude in Big Sky Country. Certain wildlife can be easier to spot in the winter and most campgrounds are empty. A nice change from last summer when trailheads and campgrounds around the state were full-to-overflowing.

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Some of your favorite high country camping spots might be a little difficult to access (without a snowmobile or a horse), but much of the state has been receiving minimal snowfall and our above-average temperatures so far this season means that a number of great camping spots are still fairly easy to access, even with a camper.

Last weekend I was in Columbus and had a few minutes to kill so I drove down to Itch-Kep-Pe Park. This place is normally packed in the spring and summer, but I was the only vehicle in the entire park/campground at noon on a Saturday. While I chucked rocks for a few minutes in the slushy Yellowstone River, I thought, "this would sure be a fun place to winter camp."

Glacier National Park shared this fun Tweet this week with a link for winter visiting tips.

Ha! Oh, Bernie... just chillin' at his wintery campground. I've decided I'm not quite ready to attempt tent camping this winter. Instead, I'm going to dip my toe into outdoor winter fun next month with an anniversary trip planned to Gardiner with a Yellowstone National Park snow coach excursion. I've never visited YNP in the winter and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to returning at night to a nice warm, cozy, luxurious cabin VRBO. Not a freezing cold tent.

Do you enjoy winter camping? I'd love to hear some of your highlights. Shoot me a message on the Mobile App, or drop a comment. Thanks!

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