More and more roads are opening each week in Yellowstone National Park as highway crews continue clearing snow in preparation for the summer season. Some are predicting record numbers of visitors to Yellowstone this year as eager travelers emerge from the difficulties of cross-country road trips during a pandemic.

Everyone that bought new tents and campers and kayaks last year probably hasn't lost their newfound interest in the outdoors yet, and throngs of tourists will soon be arriving to lakes, rivers, and campgrounds again across the West. Many will be heading to Yellowstone. So maybe now would be a great time to sneak in a trip to the park. Oh! Maybe you should bring your fishing rod, because...

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Yellowstone Named 2nd Best National Park for Fishing recently ranked the five best national parks for fishing and Yellowstone took second place, losing the top spot to New River Gorge National Park and Preserve.  Regarding Yellowstone, they wrote,

When you look for U.S. National Parks ranked by the quality of the fishing, you’ll find Yellowstone near the top of every list because America’s first National Park is a haven for picturesque fly fishing in the Yellowstone, Firehole, and Madison rivers. Having waders on, in water lapping over rocks, and casting for trout as bison graze in the distance is the American dream personified for anglers.

I've always wanted to fish in Yellowstone. Ideally, I would hit up some of those little mountain lakes over Beartooth Pass, then fish the streams near Gardiner, before heading to some of the awesome looking spots inside the park.  However, since I'm usually doing the Yellowstone thing with a carload of young kids and tight schedules, I've never been able to stop and try my luck. Perhaps this is the year.

Know before you go.

My itinerary above would involve fishing in two different states (MT & WY) and a national park. In a matter of 30 miles, I could be under three different jurisdictions when it comes to fishing regulations. Make sure you have the proper licensing, limits, restrictions, etc., and note that those can change from region to region within the park. You can learn more about Yellowstone National Park fishing regulations HERE.


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