Who doesn't love some pizza? Sure, it isn't the healthiest thing for you... but it sure is delicious. Especially if you are a civilized human and put pineapple on pizza.

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Here are the Top 3 Pizza Places in Billings for National Pizza Day!

#3 MacKenzie River Pizza - 71 Reviews, 3.5-Star Average Rating

Credit: Canva
Credit: Yelp

Yelper Martha W from California raved over their poutine and pizza:

We started coming to MacKenzie River Pizza years ago in Bozeman. We enjoy having it when we drive through Montana. Today was my birthday so I got to choose. We got the beet salad (the beets were a little chunky for my taste but easily fixed. We had poutine which was so nice and beefy!  We ended with Good Ol' Boy pizza and thoroughly enjoyed that. We got a large so we have leftovers. Definitely a happy birthday!

Read Martha W.'s review of MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub on Yelp

#2: Old Chicago - 117 Reviews, 3-Star Average Rating

Credit: Yelp
Credit: Yelp

Yelper Kim H from Tampa understands service can't be perfect, but if the food is worth it, you gotta let some things slide:

Hit or miss. When it's good, it's good. Service is on point, food is yummy.  When it's bad, you can't find a server, your order is wrong, your calzone comes out with extra jalapeños when you asked for NO jalapeños. This time, servers were pleasant but incredibly hard to get their attention to pick up a to go order. No one acknowledged me while I stood for five minutes waiting to pay and watching my food cool on the counter. Once they came to the counter, they were lovely.  Only 2/3 of the order was correct. (The extra jalapeños incident).  I was already home and slicing into it when I realized it.  2/3 of the food was delicious. 1/3 was inedible. I understand the labor shortage so I've just come to accept this what servers looks like these days.  The servers seemed to be doing the best they could with likely limited staff. The reality is, the yummy food is worth going back for. Dining in would possibly be a better experience.

 Read Kim H.'s review of Old Chicago Pizza + Taproom on Yelp

#1 Bullman's Wood Fired Pizza - 128 Reviews, 4-Star Average Rating

Credit: Yelp
Credit: Yelp

Yelper Tom A from Arkansas discovered garlic makes everything better:

Traveling through Billings we found this spot for dinner on a Monday night. We ordered the Bridger Pizza and it was delivered tot he table pretty quickly. We did add garlic to the pizza and it really gave it a kick. The ingredients we fresh and the dough was seasoned well. The meats we absolutely great. We had a great glass of wine to go with the pizza. Service was excellent.

Read Tom A.'s review of Bullman's Wood Fired Pizza on Yelp

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