I had this crazy idea a while back, that I should try yoga. Lingering lower back pain from a car accident, combined with age, and a fairly sedentary lifestyle means I'm not feeling, how would you phrase it.. not quite as bendy as I once was? The idea of yoga seemed appealing to me because; I'm not a gym person, and I don't enjoy traditional exercising. Running? Forget about it.

Our family all got yoga mats and we decided to give yoga a shot at home, watching an on-demand, introductory-level yoga instructional video. I made it through one 15-minute session. The yoga mat was rolled up, shoved under my bed, and hasn't seen the light of day since. Do you know why I failed? Because my yoga session didn't include kittens.

Photo by Justine Farnworth on Unsplash
Photo by Justine Farnworth on Unsplash

Kitten Yoga, Thursday 11/18 with Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

You've surely heard of "cat cafes", right? There is one in Bozeman. And people practice yoga with all kinds of animals. There's goat yoga in Missoula, dog yoga classes, even horse yoga. Now, you can take Kitty Yoga in Billings. The event is hosted by Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, Thursday, November 18th at the YVAS Learning Center at 2010 Grand Ave, Suite 1. Tickets are $25.  Organizers say,

You bring the mat, we bring the kittens for a fun & relaxing session of yoga! Calm your body and mind while warming your heart with kitten yoga.
A portion of the proceeds from this yoga event will go to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter in their mission of the humane treatment of animals. Attendees will be guided through a yoga flow with kittens that are available for adoption at the shelter.
Kitten Yoga sounds pretty fun. And seriously, who doesn't love kittens? I'm not even really a "cat guy" and I can't pass up petting a cute little fuzzy kitten. Plus, all the yoga cats are available for adoption. You probably need one. For mice and stuff. YVAS is currently offering a special on adoption fees. Right now, adopt an adult cat for just $10 or an adult dog for $60.
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Make an end-of-the-year donation to YVAS.

As the holidays approach, you may want to get gifts for the dogs and cats and Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. See their Wish List HERE. While gifts of toys and other treats are appreciated, financial contributions are always needed too. Riley Bailey, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator at YVAS said one of their biggest costs is the medical services they provide for the animals. Visit YVAS.org to learn more.

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