You probably already know this about me. I have a large rescue dog named Conan. My big boy weights in at 110 pounds, so when he gets sick, it's like Armageddon at the house.

He's not a small dog. Whether it's puke or poo, it's a nightmare.

Here are 10 tips to help save your carpet this holiday season and sanity.

1.  Christmas tree - Avoid any water preservatives that can be toxic to pets.

2.  Holiday plants - Holly and mistletoe are both toxic to pets

3.  Candles - Never leave lit candles unattended. If you're pup is as big as mine, he can reach the counter.

4.  Lights and electrical cords - If you have a chewer, these can cause an array of problems

5.  Ornaments - Tinsel, ribbons and low-hanging ornaments, we can't eat them and neither can our pets.

6.  Leftovers - Fatty and spicey foods can upset your pet's stomach.  And no one wants to clean that up.

7.  Cocktails - Even if you are in the holiday spirit and think your pet needs to be, too, this isn't a good idea. The clean up after they get sick is never worth it.

8.  Medications - Advise guests to keep them out of your pet's reach. Close the suitcase or move them to a taller counter.

9.  Stress and company - You think you get stressed out when the family shows up, well, so does your pet.  Make sure their collars are securely fastened just in case they decide to make a break for it.  Because, hey, they can run away from family.

10.  Last one, New Year's - Whether noise makers or champagne pops, any loud and unusual sounds can cause the dog stress.

If you're looking for natural stuff for the tree that won't make your pet sick, Gainan's has it. Also, if you find a lost pet you can always reach out to Help For Homeless Pets or Rimrock Humane Society.

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