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We finally bought a new-to-us washer and dryer set this week, after my kid somehow busted our washer a while back. I tried fixing. That didn't work out as expected and we have been lugging a large families worth of laundry to the damn laundry mat every weekend for the past three months. Yeah, it sucked.

So I put our old washer & dryer set on one of those Billings For Sale pages. I think I posted it on this one. Once I put them on that page, a screen popped up that allowed me to automatically select from a number of other local For Sale pages to cross-post my listing instantly. Super easy. I posted them at like 10 PM for $100 OBO and honestly wasn't expecting much interest. While the dyer worked fine, the washer didn't and I was sure that I would end up hauling them to the dump this weekend.

Nope! Within minutes I had like a dozen people interested. The first gentleman to respond said he'd be over to pick them up at 11 AM the next morning. Paid full price, hauled them off and seemed happy as a clam.

With a crisp $100 in my pocket, I'm thinking about how to spend it. The way we blow through laundry detergent at my house, I'm considering this FIVE GALLON bucket of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent, good for 425 loads of laundry. That should last a good month or two.

While swapping out our washer & dryer I found ALL KINDS of stuff behind and under them. Random socks, washcloths, a bunch of hangers and various kids toys. This device looks brilliant, the Eltow Laundry guard. "Never lose another sock!" says the ad. Well worth $29.82, IMO.

Front loading washers can get smelly for some reason. Maybe I need to get a Laundry Lasso!

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