How can you not enjoy corn beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day?  Might not be as hard to make as you thought.  The videos below make it really easy.

It was Irish Americans who embraced corned beef and cabbage during St. Patrick's Day. They transformed St. Patrick's Day from a religious feast day to a celebration of their Irish heritage and homeland.

If you fail and the dish just doesn't turn out like you've hoped, Tiny's has great corn beef and cabbage so does the Suds Hut.



  • 1

    Recipe 1

    This guy will remind you to let the meat rest, don't rush the corned beef.

  • 2

    Recipe 2

    This video isn't short on the seasoning and no talking.  If you don't need your recipe narrated.  This might be the one for you to watch.

  • 3

    Recipe 3

    The Lazy Man's way to cook your corned beef and cabbage.  More time for you to drink.

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