We still need to wait over a month before AC/DC's new 'Rock or Bust' record makes its way to stores -- which is almost nothing compared to the six years that have elapsed since their last album, but can still feel like a long time when you know there's a fresh slab of high voltage rock 'n' roll right around the corner. Thankfully, bits and pieces of the album appear to be making their way online.

We got our first peek at 'Rock or Bust' in early October, when the band unveiled the cover art and track listing, as well as the full-length version of the LP's leadoff single 'Play Ball,' which had previously only been available in heavily edited form as part of Major League Baseball's postseason trailer. The band has been busy filming a pair of videos for the first couple of singles from the record, but haven't said much about plans beyond 'Play Ball' -- or let us hear anything else.

That hasn't stopped what appears to be the 'Rock or Bust' title track from leaking onto the internet, however, and you can stream it right up at the top of this post -- skip ahead to 2:49. It definitely bears mentioning that we aren't 100 percent certain that the video description is accurate, but it sure seems like it is -- and listening to what might be 'Rock or Bust' and wondering whether it's real is certainly more entertaining than just sitting around waiting for the new album to arrive, so hit 'play' and have fun.

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