Another day, another round of goodies for all you Van Halen fans out there! About nine days before the band’s ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ album hits stores, brief snippets of each and every track from the much-hyped comeback album have surfaced online. The clips, which feature the first 30 seconds of all 13 tracks included on ‘Truth,’ recently were posted on a Dutch website offering the two-disc deluxe edition of the album for sale in Europe.

While 30-seconds clips may just whet the appetite of some fans and leave them hungry for more, the preview does offer the first full glimpse into what exactly is included on the album. A few songs have already surfaced — first single ‘Tattoo,’ of course, plus ‘Blood and Fire’ and ‘The Trouble With Never’ (previews of which showed up on the UK Amazon recently), and ‘Stay Frosty,’ which was featured during a scene on this week’s episode of ‘CSI.’

(Most excitingly for us, we got the chance to introduce ‘China Town‘ to all of you earlier this morning!)

But what about the remaining nine tracks? Well, at least three of them are updated versions of vintage VH tunes: ‘Outta Space’ comes from an old song called ‘Let’s Get Rockin,’ and ‘Big River’ is an update of a tune called ‘Big Trouble’ — both unreleased songs from the band’s original demo tape. And, as we suspected, ‘Bullethead’ is a remake of a vintage tune also known as ‘Bang Bang’ that the band played one tour in support of their 1978 self-titled debut album.

There’s also ‘She’s the Woman,’ as debuted at the band’s recent NYC club show, which kicks off in a mid-tempo glide, with Eddie Van Halen’s somewhat restrained guitar pyrotechnics morphing into some monster riffage, while drummer Alex Van Halen establishes a kick-and-snare led beat. Tragically, just as David Lee Roth sings the first line of the first verse, the clip cuts.

That leaves five brand new, previously unheard Van Halen tracks to enjoy. Here’s a rundown of a handful of those:

Track three, ‘You and Your Blues,’ features the most lyrics, with DLR singing stock blues lines (“Ain’t no red house over yonder / No stormy weather(??) waits for you / Ain’t no midnight train to Georgia / And I’m not looking for the truth“) in a mellow baritone over staccato guitar chugs.

Track seven, ‘As Is,’ leads in with ten seconds of off-beat rhythms before EVH’s guitar comes in with stabbing, almost sludge-like dissonance. Closing track ‘Beats Workin’ features melodic guitar strumming and rolling beats, cutting out just as the tempo is established.

All in all, it’s a tantalizing — if frustratingly short — first look into the entirety of ‘A Different Kind of Truth.’ While it remains to be seen whether we’ll have to actually wait until the scheduled Feb. 7 drop date to hear the full album, at least now fans have a taste of things to come — 30 seconds at a time.

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