There a quite a few songs about Montana, perhaps the most recognizable is Dan Seals & Marie Osmonds duet, Meet Me In Montana. I'm sure there are plenty of other songs that mention Montana in their lyrics, even if it's not in the title of the song.

What about Billings?

Some of you may doubt that anyone would actually write, produce and sing a song about the Magic City, but it's true... digging through Spotify and TikTok, we discovered there are at least five artists out there with songs titled Billings, MT.  

We're not official music critics by any means, but with our semi-professional background in radio airplay, we don't expect to hear any of these songs on the airwaves anytime soon.

Breting Engel - Billings MT

Breting Engel is a former environmental lawyer from Texas, turned singer-songwriter according to They described his song as "pleasantly woozy" and an Amazon Music reviewer wrote this about Engel's album,

As an emotionally powerful, almost spectral vocal stylist, Engel moves with understated but astonishing assurance through ten tracks that summon visions of a man's desolation and defiance in the aftermath of love-gone-wrong, or sideways, or the perils of a life lived up at the sharp end.


Into It. Over It. - Billings, MT

Into It. Over It. is a Chicago-based band with a sound that reminds me of the Neon Trees. Their single Billings, MT begins with a shoutout to the now-closed Railyard and the Rainbow, two memorable bars on Montana Ave.

From The Railyard to The Rainbow
We’ve assembled a posse
Assembled a crew
Through stereotypes and lies
We’ll turn tens into ones
And everyone except myself will know
Everyone except myself will know


Iwasthere but I can't remember - Billings, MT

Spotify describes this duo as "dark atmospheres, ethereal sounds, philosophical thoughts." They have 7 tracks, all with different city/state titles (such as Columbus, OH, and Rapid City, SD). They're all fairly short songs, at about 2 minutes each and they're definitely, uh, interesting.

Brice Ash - Billings, MT

Arguably one of the better tracks with the title of Billings, MT, this cut from Ash is actually pretty good. He's from Bozeman and you check him out HERE.

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Wonky Tonk - Billings, MT

Wonky Tonk and her band the Highlife hail from Kentucky and apparently have a decent following. Guitar Girl Magazine said this about her latest album,

Grungy, electric guitars, and hard-driving bass provide a powerful contrast to the sweetness of Wonky’s voice, which, when necessary, rises to a crescendo.

Her song Billings, MT kind of grew on me after a couple of listens. While Montana as a whole is certainly inspiring to many artists, Billings seems to be more of a footnote for awesome songs.

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