This month, the town of Van Meter, Iowa, came up with a great new idea to raise money for the local police department. Instead of asking the voters to approve a new bond measure, they're raffling off the opportunity for one lucky citizen to taser a city official.

Van Meter City Administrator Jake Anderson and City Councilman Bob Lacy bravely threw themselves on the sword. On July 18th, they will both be tasered during the town's annual street dance. Tickets for the raffle are selling so fast that the city hopes they'll be able to buy a brand new squad car for the local police.

Which begs the question, should Billings Mayor Thomas Hanel, himself a former police officer, volunteer for a similar event here in the Magic City? Certainly, the mayor doesn't deserve to be tasered, but if he volunteered, I'd buy a raffle ticket. While we're at it, why not taser the entire Billings City Council? There's a fundraiser than could raise millions.

As for the city administrator in Iowa? Jake Anderson admits that he's never been tasered before, adding "I imagine it will hurt." Yes, it will. But just imagine all the good it will do for his community.

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