If you're a parent with kids who are planning on going to college, more than likely you are looking for every "free money" opportunity you can get to help pay for your child's education because, you know...college is expensive.

Many students manage to find a way to work and go to school, but when it comes to paying for college, scholarships are awesome. Full-ride scholarships are nice. Nice and rare. Getting smaller financial scholarships can be a little more achievable, and various businesses frequently offer scholarships for $500 to $5,000.

In a press release, Billings real estate agent Neil Beyer announced his $1,000 scholarship opportunity with MSU Billings. Named the ELEPHAS Civic Leadership Award, MSU-B outlines the student applicant requirements as:

  • Demonstrate involvement in civic leadership activities like volunteering time, skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to promote the quality of life on the MSU Billings campus and in the Billings community, or find ways to positively impact individuals, organizations, and issues and contribute to the common good;
  • Pursuing a Bachelors degree;
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA;
  • Full-time student;
  • Montana resident.

The Elephas Realty Group is a part of EXP Realty and Beyer plans to donate 10% of his commissions to the scholarship fund, which will be awarded to more students as the fund grows. Neil said in the news release,

MSU Billings is a pillar of this community providing students with an invaluable asset that benefits students and the city of Billings. We should be doing everything possible to advocate and support MSU Billings and the students that pursue a degree there.

You can find more details on the ELEPHAS Scholarship here.

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