Okay, enough with the subscription services. Back in my day, the only thing you subscribed to were magazines. There are now subscription services for just about everything, including: razors and shaving stuff, meal and food subscriptions, clothing subscriptions, even a beef jerky subscription service (which actually seems pretty awesome). Companies love the business model of billing your credit card every month, and I guess consumers love the convenience or novelty or whatever makes subscription services so appealing?

Now, Coca Cola is jumping into the monthly surprise package game, with their subscription service called the Coca Cola Insiders Club. The club has currently sold out it's 1,000 member slots at $10/month.  According to Coke's website,

Take your love of Coca-Cola to the next level. Become one of 1000 Insiders to unlock new refreshment from your favorite brands, all delivered to your door.

For the next six months, starting in January, you’ll receive three new beverages, most before they hit the shelves, plus more exciting surprises and swag.

I'm sorry, but I just can't justify paying $10 a month to be "the first" to try some sugary new drink from Coke. I'd rather spend my money on the Mushroom Cultures of the Month Club or the Slime Box Club.

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