Most of us are aware of the terrible crimes Jesus Yeizon Deniz Mendoza allegedly committed on July 29th. After running out of gas in Pryor, a local woman, Tana Shane, stopped to help him.

She then went to her home and returned with her husband, Jason Shane Jr., and 26-year-old daughter, Jorah Shane, to see if they could help get him on his way. At some point, Mendoza allegedly demanded money and is accused of ultimately shooting all three with a .22-caliber rifle, killing the parents and seriously injuring the daughter.

These senseless murders had an extra element of disgust to them since they were carried out against people who were going above and beyond trying to help this stranded traveler.

More than half of the 12 charges against Mendoza are eligible for the death penalty if he is convicted. I know the death penalty is one of the many polarizing issues in this country, but to me, this is one of the times it is called for. Unless the daughter, who was also shot and nearly died, is opposed, I would wholeheartedly support execution in this case.

I did not know the victims of this man's rampage, but I do know that Mendoza ended the lives of two good people. There are many who would have simply passed this man on the side of the road and not given him a second thought. He was given kindness and paid it back with evil. I don't think there could possibly be any rehabilitation for such a person.

Race, nationality and immigration have already risen to the front of this news story. I seriously hope that the lone survivor, Jorah Shane, gets the justice that she and her parents deserve as opposed to becoming fodder for politicians and activists on both sides of the fence.

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