For some reason, I have been seeing some people thinking that if they use the mobile app for their fast food options, it means they will get better food that is hot and fresh... rather than food that may have been sitting in a warmer for a few minutes.

To me, this screams "OK, BOOMER"... so I felt the need to offer up an explanation from the techno-nerd side of things. Even if this ticks off some of you because you think you know everything.

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A Bunch Of Crapola

First of all, I'll say that this "conspiracy theory" coming from select people is a load of crap. I'd use the other word, but we keep it "family-friendly-ish" on here.

These mega-corporations, such as McDonald's, who want you to download their app are not out to serve YOU, the precious app user, the hottest and freshest food possible JUST because you used their app.

In the case of McDonald's, and I am sure almost every other corporate fast food business, it is to FARM YOUR DATA. They want to learn what YOU like to eat, how often you order, what modifiers you choose, your favorite drinks, etc. And once that is learned, they can hone their menu to be as efficient and loved as possible.

And, as a "thank you" for learning everything about you as possible, they give you discounts/points.

Remember McDonald's Menu Before COVID?

Pre-COVID, according to, McDonald's offered 145 items on their menu. Going back to 2001, with, they show the menu from 2001... compared to 2020.

Back in the days before smartphones and apps, McDonald's offered a HUGE range of options. Cajun McChicken, Big N' Tasty, Big Xtra, Chicken McGrill, Bagels, Steak, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches, McSalad Shakers... SALADS in general.

Now, that menu has shrunk dramatically. Burgers, Nuggets, Chicken Sandwiches, Filet O Fish is all you get. And breakfast? Biscuit, McMuffin, McGriddle or Burritos. A super limited menu.

What else is a benefit?

Beyond the businesses using your data to make their menu better, in the case of McDonald's, when you order ahead for a pickup... it uses the location in your device to notify the restaurant when you are nearby and to prepare your order. Does that mean hotter food? No. Faster? Sometimes.

Plus, rewards. Sure, you can order at the drive-thru as normal. But, you don't get any bonus "points" to use toward free stuff. Again, with McDonald's, you get points to redeem for free food, drinks, and more. Plus, the deals are app-exclusive. Such as 20% off your entire order.

Use The App, Or Don't.

When it boils down to it, you can use the app... or you can choose to not use the app. And, yes, you CAN still call in your order. But be prepared to be greeted by the robot voice, and not a human, as they are busy actually making the food.

Just... don't stoop to this level with your phone.

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