On this day back in 2013 we lost Lou Reed.  I know, most people can take him or leave him.  Sweet Jane is one of my all time favorite songs.  Did you listen to the stuff he did with Metallica, don't worry one of those tracks will make my top 5.  What's your favorite Lou Reed song?

  • 1

    Sweet Jane

    One of his most popular songs.  It's been covered by other great artists as well.  Have you heard the Cowboy Junkies version of this one?  It's worth a listen

  • 2

    Street Hassle

    The studio tracks on Street Hassle were recorded in New York City, while the live recordings were made in West Germany. Unlike most live albums, the audience is completely muted from the mix during the concert recordings.

  • 3

    How Do You Speak To An Angel

    Always loved a cover that was done well.

  • 4

    Walk On The Wild Side

    Had to make the list, I'm sure some would have put this in the number one slot.

  • 5

    Iced Honey

    Ok, I know Metallic and Lou Reed together?  I love the album he did with Metallica but agreed... It's not forever one.  I think you have to really love both bands.

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