We’ve heard of basement beer brewing and home wine making but never experiments involving the creation of a bootleg vodka. Maybe because the whole process could be damn dangerous in the hands of amateurs.

The Daily Mail explains how an inventor in a South Wales village blew the roof off of his home while messing with his vodka distilling equipment.

“Lawrence Toms, 43, was tinkering with his vodka distillation equipment in his bedroom” explains officials “when neighbors suddenly heard a massive blast, which blew out the windows and the roof of his home.” Ten houses were evacuated and Toms was found wandering around the street in his blackened underwear.

Neighbors claim Toms had downloaded a recipe and instructions from the internet. And if it’s one thing we all know, it’s always trust things found on the internet. One neighbor helped Toms into his home after finding him in the street in just his drawers and all of the skin burnt off his arms.

Let’s leave the vodka making to seasoned professionals like P. Diddy and Dan Aykroyd from now on.

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