The food, the whiskey, the warriors...sounds like a great country song, doesn't it?

I had the great honor of being the emcee for the Warrior Taste Fest event on Friday night in Bozeman once again this year. Taste Fest is THE big fundraiser for an incredible organization- Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW).

When retired USMC Colonel Brian Gilman, the CEO of WQW, asked if I would help out with WQW, I told him I'm not good at fishing, and I was never that great of a soldier. Brian responded, "But do you care about serving veterans? That's what we care about."

That describes the probably 800 or so people inside the room at Warrior Taste Fest every year. Whether they've served or not, they care about serving those who've served.

At the Warrior Taste Fest they had over 35 vendors this year.

I always love the oysters from Brigade, the Sushi from Seven, and the burgers from Little Belt Cattle Company. And I always love the Flathead Cherry vodka from Wild Rye- not to mention ANYTHING from Willie's Distillery. Earlier this week, I also told you about a very cool veteran owned coffee company that got it's start in Afghanistan and is now based in Dillon, Montana. The veterans who started the company first started making the brew on their Area 82 compound on Bagram Airfield.

Check out more of the highlights of the 2023 Warrior Taste Fest in the photos below thanks to SGT MAC with Studio MacLeod, a HUGE part of Warriors & Quiet Waters.


Warrior Taste Fest 2023: A Veteran Benefit Food Competition

Photos from Warrior Taste Fest, a celebration of food, drink, and art. Ending with the Best Under the Big Sky competition.

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