Ok, this is not it in the picture. This is your standard, everyday riding lawnmower that tops out at something like 4.5 mph. Sure, it beats using a push mower. But it will never break any land speed mower records.

THAT title goes to the latest wicked-fast mower from Honda.  How did they do it? Well, first they took one of their HF2620 riding mowers out of the crate and basically discarded everything. Replacing the standard mower frame with a high speed tuned suspension and chassis, including 4 wheel disc brakes. They also ditched the quiet, reliable Honda mower engine and stuffed in a 996 cc, 109 HP v-twin from a Superhawk motorcycle. Now we're talking.

In order to qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records for the fasted mower, it actually has to be able to mow. This super fast, grass mowing beast does so with a special fiberglass mower deck, featuring twin electric motors. It'll race down the track at 130 MPH (!!!) but will actually mow at 15 MPH. Which would still be pretty fun. See pics here.



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