This year, I took in the Holiday Parade in Downtown Billings for the first time. In years past, I completely missed it with other events happening, but I am glad I got the chance to see it this time around!

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Thanks to the big boss of TSM Billings for the invite, and for saving me a *primo* spot. :)

If you missed it, Community 7 Television here in Billings filmed the entire event.

Check out our gallery below for high-resolution images of our favorites at the parade!

P.S. Do you know someone in the parade, and want me to update the image information? Send me an email.

2022 Downtown Billings Holiday Parade

"Holiday Movies" - The theme this year for the parade. Everyone took that to heart and came out in force. From the likes of you and me to local celebrities, the parade was chock full of fun!

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