I think pretty much everybody can agree that we're ready to leave the life of COVID behind us - there were so many changes to so many people's lifestyles over the last year, and now we're reaching a point where we can do away with a lot of those changes and get back to something resembling normal.

BUT... there are a couple of things that we got out of the shutdowns that we may actually want to stick around. For one thing, contactless delivery is kind of awesome, and wasn't really a thing before last year - I don't have to interact with anyone dropping off my food and just pick it up outside the door? It's the best!

And another thing that was quickly put into effect after everything shut down was to-go orders of alcohol - it was a measure to help out restaurants and bars that were being affected by shutdowns. And pretty much as soon as it started, the feeling was that you couldn't put the genie back in the bottle - once people were allowed to order cocktails to go, they were gonna want to keep doing it.

And, it looks like that'll be the case: Montana is one of seven states that has made to-go cocktails and alcohol orders a permanent feature.  But don't forget, we've still got open container laws in effect - if you're taking a cocktail to go, you've gotta be bringing it home.

Are you excited for to-go cocktails to become a permanent mainstay in Montana?

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