Super Bowl weekend is finally here. Yay! Most of us will be plopping down in front of the TV on Sunday with a table full of snacks and beverages to watch the spectacle. Not everyone though. Some people have claimed to have stopped watching the National Football League according to sports commentary website The Perspective. In this 2020 article they blamed the decline on a variety of factors, including:

  • Head injuries. No laughing matter, they say a number of fans won't watch football because the head injuries are too tough to watch.
  • The knee. Kaepernick became famous for taking a knee a few years ago, but as America watched riots and social protests for most of the summer, he's not the only player to make political statements on and off the field lately, some of which has left a bad taste in fans mouths.
  • Domestic violence. Long before "the knee" and the anthem and BLM protests, there have been many examples of NFL players committing acts of domestic violence against their significant others.

Even with some fans abandoning the NFL, the Super Bowl still reigns supreme as the TV ratings titan. Last year about 100 million tuned in for the big game. If you're not planning on watching, here are five things to keep you busy around Billings this weekend.

  1. Catch a movie. The Babcock Theater is showing the football classic, "Remember the Titans."
  2. Swing a bat. The batting cages at D-Bat indoor batting range in Rimrock Mall look like a TON of fun. It's on my list of things to do soon.
  3. Shop for Valentine's Day. Hey, if you're in the mall anyway, might as well swing by Victoria's Secret.
  4. Buy new snow boots. Scheels is a great place to get out of the cold and spend a few hours shopping. You probably haven't needed any of your hardcore winter gear (until now), so take inventory of your hats-mittens-boots-coats and update where necessary.
  5. Shovel snow. Admit it, shoveling snow is kind of satisfying... once or twice. We've missed out on shoveling much of the season thus far, so grab that shovel and get some cardio.

With the Winter Storm Warning in effect till Sunday afternoon, I don't plan on leaving the house this weekend. Stay safe if you have to go out.

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