Nurses never think they are heroes, but the rest of us are in awe of the work they've been doing lately.  And nurses, this is the week for you to grab free coffee, donuts, and more thanks with National Nurses Week starting Wednesday.  

Nurses Week kicks off on Wednesday, May 6, and runs through Tuesday the 12th.  Nurses don't have Monday-through-Friday kinds of work weeks, so there's no need for the celebration week to follow that weekday routine.  Nurses are dedicated around the clock, and with all the tireless work they've been doing to fight COVID-19 lately, the least we can do is take a minute later this week to say thanks.

Nurses will be able to pick up freebies, discounts, and deals this week, according to Parade Magazine.

National Nurses Week Freebies, Deals, and Discounts

-- Amazon will have free Kindle downloads

-- Crocs is offering free shoes

-- Starbucks has a free tall brewed coffee, hot or iced, through the month of May

-- Addidas is offering a 40 percent discount on shoes

-- Skechers has a 30 percent discount on shoes

-- Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen free donuts on Mondays when nurses show a badge at the drive-through (through May 11).

Nurses have an amazing ability to cross all of the necessary medical things off of the checklist every day while making patients feel comfortable and important, and sometimes they have time to crack a good joke too.  All of that while they've got dishes in the sink at home, kids who are texting them for help finding lost joystick controllers, and spouses who miss them and want them to come home.

Nurses are awesome, and this is a good week to tell them.

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