I heard somewhere that the favorite Super Bowl food in Montana is lentil soup, based on Google searches. We all now that is absolute hogwash. I've never been to a football party in my life that included lentils anywhere on the menu. I guess maybe there was that one time when someone served those old-school veggie burgers as an option. Those probably had lentils in them?

I base these favorites on the following: being easy to make, having fan appeal, how much they cost, whether they're serve-able to larger groups, and the odds of being served at least one of these dishes at every party you've ever attended in Montana.

1. Artichoke Dip. There's a reason you'll find this at just about every football party. It's good, it's really easy to make and you can class it up by serving the dip in a bread bowl or with some fancier breads and crackers to go with.

2. Chili/Sloppy Joe's. I lump these two foods together because let's be honest, they're both basically ground beef with a tomato sauce of some sort and 9 out of 10 football parties I've attended have chili or Sloppy Joes. Maybe I need classier friends? Or, maybe because most people in Montana like chili or Sloppy Joes?

3. Brisket, Tri-tip, and other Smoked Meats. Thanks to the Traeger grill (and it's countless clones) smoking good meats and BBQ has become attainable for just about anyone who wants to give it a shot. All my friends have smoker/grills of some sort and it's not uncommon to attend a party in Montana with pulled pork, briskets, tri-tip, sausages, you name it. Smokey, delicious goodness.

4. Tacos. A taco bar is tough to beat at a Super Bowl Party. It's pretty easy, fairly inexpensive, and you can totally make it as elaborate or as basic as you like. Offer various proteins and everyone is happy, even your vegan guests. Shredded beef, ground beef, chicken, pork, beans, etc are all great. Soft shell or crunchy, spicy or mild. People LOVE tacos.

5. Rotel Cheese Dip. Yes, I know Velveeta is not real cheese. I know that it is not healthy. We all do. And the nutrients added from a can of Rotel is minimal. Mostly sodium, if I had to guess. However, that melty Crock Pot of artificial cheese, diced tomatoes and chili's is irresistible. It's great on chips, crusty bread, drizzled on taco's and a nice alternative to ranch when dunking veggies from the veggie tray. I'm talking to you, broccoli. You'll find this cheesy dip (or some slightly altered version) at 90% of all parties in Montana. Football, tailgates, summer BBQs, church potluck, family reunion, you get the idea.

Anyway, lots of party foods represent Montana better than lentils, don't you think? And if you don't feel like cooking or making a mess, there's always delivery. No one complains about pizza, wings, Chinese or pre-made sandwich trays on game day.

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