Paul McCartney is entering the celebrity cookbook game with his first collection of recipes, and this one has a vegetarian twist. Titled ‘The Meat Free Monday Cookbook,’ it finds McCartney — along with his daughters Mary and Stella — doing their part to spread the word about eating a socially responsible diet.

But even if you’re of the mind that meat is too beneficial — or simply too delicious — to give up, McCartney understands, which is why his cookbook is geared toward setting aside one meat-free day per week. The book was inspired by his ongoing Meat Free Mondays campaign, which he launched in 2009.

“I think many of us feel helpless in the face of environmental challenges. Having one designated meat free day a week is actually a meaningful change that everyone can make, that goes to the heart of several important political, environmental and ethical issues all at once,” McCartney tells “For instance it not only addresses pollution, but better health, the ethical treatment of animals, global hunger and community and political activism.”

‘The Meat Free Monday Cookbook’ collects enough recipes for a year of one-day-a-week vegetarianism, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, and includes contributions from famous friends such as Twiggy, Vivienne Westwood and Kevin Spacey. It’s currently scheduled for a March 2012 release.

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