I had the great honor to drive the station van through the Downtown Billings St. Patricks Day parade. It was a blast! The crowd was huge and festive and people came decked out in green. I think my favorite costumes were the little leprechaun's who were wearing the fiery red strap-on beards.

As always many floats come with participants walking along side handing out candy to the kids. The Downtown Billings Association goes to great lengths to make sure no one throws candy off of the floats so kids don't run out into the street creating a potentially tragic situation. Still, sometimes candy falls in the street and the little hunters and gatherers still make attempts to run out to retrieve the sugary snacks. This makes driving a float a little nerve-wracking and our eyes are constantly peeled for kids (and some oblivious adults too). It's difficult to point the finger at anyone in particular as the DBA event staff were constantly asking people to move back. Far too many times however I had to hit the brakes (fortunately we're going very slow) because of kids running into the parade path. I would urge parents to keep a very close eye on their kids and any adults who see kids heading for peril to watch out as well so we can keep this great tradition going and avoid any tragedies in the future.

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