This time of year is great for getting out to a cabin somewhere in Montana for a couple of nights or maybe a long weekend and take in some crisp, starry nights. We all know that the best cup of coffee you ever have is the one you're sipping while sitting on the porch of a cabin on a frosty morning in the woods or mountains. Many locals are heading out to hunting camps and cabins in the next few weeks for another big game season.

Cabins and rustic wilderness lodging can vary immensely and your definition of rustic may differ quite a bit from someone else's. If your idea of a "weekend at the cabin" includes a full kitchen, five bedrooms/five baths, a hot tub, and activities like naturalist classes, horseback riding, and meditation... perhaps the Ranch at Rock Creek is more your style. It'll only set you back about $10,000 per night.

Not to be confused with Rock Creek near Red Lodge, this Rock Creek is the one that runs past Philipsburg and continues towards Missoula. On this Rock Creek is a luxury ranch resort with a variety of pricey - and awesome - accommodations. The most affordable  stays are their canvas-walled glamping tents that run between $1,800 - $7,400 per night, according to their rate card. The price varies depending on size and season. These tents are anything but primitive, with hardwood floors, indoor plumbing and some even include "in-floor hydronic heat to keep it cozy all-year round." They seem to be more like a cabin with a canvas roof and walls than a tent, but whatever. They're pretty sweet.

Photo: The Ranch at Rock Creek

The resort also offers traditional luxury-western-ranch rooms in the main lodge, a historic barn that has been converted into a unique and gorgeous place to spend the night, and various other cabins . They start with smaller, room-for-two units and go all the way to their $10,000 per night cabin, the Bear House. It can easily handle eight guests with room to spare.

Photo: The Ranch at Rock Creek

The Bear House runs between $7,400 and $13,600 per night, so that averages about $10,000 per night. Don't forget to add the 20% Ranch Fee that covers taxes, all gratuities and complimentary beverages and snacks. It's got room for 8, a private hot tub, a full kitchen and plenty of other fine touches like western-style furnishings that tourists apparently love. Their website describes the Bear House as, accommodation you won’t find at other luxury resorts in Montana. Taking a bold cue from our state animal, the living spaces feature authentic ranch accents, like leather chairs, fresh flowers, a stone fireplace and traditional pottery.

Naturally, if you book a stay at this resort you'll get pampered by the things you've come to expect when traveling in Montana, especially when you're dropping thousands of dollars per night.

  • A team from the hotel will meet you at the airport in Missoula or Butte and deliver a private vehicle for you to drive back to the ranch. No pesky Uber.
  • We mentioned the free snacks, but we're not talking about stale Chex Mix from a germ covered dispenser. All meals are included, as are premium beverages.
  • An exclusive, on-site saloon features a bowling alley, shuffle board, billiards and a movie theater when you feel like getting a little rowdy.
Photo: The Ranch at Rock Creek

Don't forget to reserve the spa package and sign up for a wellness class while you pretend to be a cowboy for the weekend, hanging out at the cabin on the ranch.

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