While mindlessly scrolling through social media last week, I first stumbled across a picture of a black Christmas tree. "What in the holy heck?!", I said, shoving my phone in my wife's face. "Look at this! A black Christmas tree!".  I don't know why, but my mind was blown. And the more I looked at it, the more I kind of liked it. Who says a tree has to be green? Or white? #Blackchristmastree is trending, with fans gushing about how awesome they are.

Treetopia, an artificial tree company, says the black trees are

Perfect for those with unconventional yet stylish taste, these dark trees draw the right kind of attention at any party

Others are calling 2019 the year of the black Christmas tree. With Country Living stating,

A black Christmas tree will be the ultimate conversation starter at your Christmas party.

So if you haven't put up your tree this year, maybe consider going black?


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