What would the Cougar do with an extra $1000? While it’s not quite enough for a full blown Cougarpalooza, a very lovely day can be enjoyed nonetheless.  We must start with a decadent breakfast, perhaps someplace indulgent, certainly someplace that serves Mimosas. There is a certain place in town that serves a crab, artichoke, and Havarti omelet that will satisfy even the pickiest foodie.

After satisfying our gourmet craving, we shall repair to a full service day spa for hours of pampering; massage, body wrap, facial, mani-pedi…the works. At some point we must fulfill our need for lunch, because after all, a girl’s gotta drink eat. Perhaps the afternoon will include a nap, preferably sans vêtements, with our new favorite cub, so as to truly appreciate the silky smooth skin from our day at the spa. After all, cats love to stretch out in the sun.

This will undoubtedly reawaken our hunger, which we will satiate with a succulent dinner at one of Billings finest restaurants.  The Cougar loves a good hunk of red meat, so a 12 oz New York steak, cooked perfectly medium rare, and hefty lobster will do very nicely.  Who knows what will happen after dinner? A movie?  Dancing? I’m sure we’ll come up with something….

On second thought, screw all that.  Let’s go to Vegas and blow it at the crap tables. Oh, but we'll still have the steak and lobster.

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