The NBA just had their meeting southwest of Bozeman at the Flying D Ranch.  I know why would 6'8" athletes be meeting there to talk basketball.  Turns out the Flying D Ranch belongs to media mogul Ted Turner and the NBA  is the National Bison Association.  Mr. Turner began ranching bison about 27 years ago.  The NBA has more than 1,100 members.  They met for a 5 day conference to talk everything bison including ranching and processing.  I think it's an interesting industry.  Sure it has it's problems like any industry but after reading an article about the NBA meeting, many of the members are very excited about the future.  The picture above made me think of Yellowstone Park and uneducated tourists.  I've been to Yellowstone many times.  I know that they hand out pamphlets on not to approach the wild life and yet...every year people get injured by wanting to take a "selfie" the the fuzzy animal.  Maybe ranching bison on private land is safer for the bison and the tourist.

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