I sure miss Spring!  I know, we need the moisture.  Shut up!  I need the smell of grass, of the bat hitting the ball.  I need the sound of mom's yelling things from the stands that not only don't mean a thing, but the kids can't hear anyway.  I need to watch my kids play ball and have fun!!  Get out and play a game and have a hot dog.  Run around with their friends.  I love baseball/softball.  All of my kids have played at their own level.  Every year it seems to be a right of passage to go out and play in the field.  The dirt on the base paths, the smell of the grass, the ball hitting the bat, the sound of the catch in the leather glove...Neighbors sitting next to each other cheering on their kids.  My favorite memories as a kid were playing baseball at Central Park.  Fast Pitch at North Park and Slow Pitch around town.  T-ball, little league, or in my day Pony/Colt and then Legion ball.  Get out and have some fun...We just have to wait for the snow to melt!  Dang I can't wait.

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