You know how whenever the check comes Jim is always in the bathroom and how Brian somehow, conveniently, manages to leave his wallet at home every single time you go out? Those days are over. You don’t have to fight over who’s going to get this round, because now this bottle opener will tell you.

The new Spin to See Who Pays Bottle Opener from HYDE is the perfect gift for all the bros on your list. It’s compact, handy in a social situation, costs less than $30 and will help all of you play fair in the game of “Whose Turn Is It To Pay?”

Plus, it’ll add some excitement and suspense to your evening, no matter where you are. Who’s getting the appetizers? Spin the bottle opener. Who’s buying shots? Spin the bottle opener. Who’s paying for the next lap dance? Spin the bottle opener. Who’s jumps on the ‘grenade’ tonight?

Kidding. That’s always your job.


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