Why are they taking my picture?  How come I'm not home playing with my bike?  What is my dog Buddy going to do all day without me?  Why did mom button my shirt all the way to the top?!!  Does Grandpa know I'm being held hostage in the brick building?  Why did I have to bring a blue towel to sleep on? I'm not even tired!  I have to go to Miss Perkins room, she smells like my Grandma, and I don't mean that in a good way!  I told my cousin John last week we would build another wooden go-cart, how can I do that if we are stuck in here all day?  I saw some old guy a few minutes ago sweeping the floor, do I have to do that too while I'm stuck here?  I can see my house from this brick building, maybe I can make a break for it.  There are so many kids here, they will never notice me gone.  Heck they don't even know my name, they had to write it down and stick it on a desk I was sitting at!  Hey, there is my cousin John, and Steve, he plays 2nd base on our baseball team.  And there is Trudy.........girls stink!  I'll stick around and see how today goes.

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