Note to self....DO NOT go down Grand Avenue at 11:40 am during lunch hour for high school students!  I pulled into a local drive through at that time only to be stuck behind the raging hormones and cell phones.  The car directly in front of me had three young ladies waiting for their food.  Before they could gently hit the gas pedal, the one lady, the driver, had to look up from her cell phone to realize that the car ahead of her had actually moved forward.  (The other two didn't have to worry about that function, their heads were still down looking at their phones).  As the huge transaction took place for them, there was no conversation, just a debit card being given to the cashier.  No "thank you". That would require speech.)  Moving forward to get the sack of fries and 3 large pops, again no acknowledgement, just a small hand reaching through the car window and of course the trunk physically moving from the bass in the stereo.  Once they were able to escape the drive through, they proceeded to cut in front of people driving on Grand Avenue to get back to school.  I know I sound old, but maybe that AARP card at a greasy diner at 3pm is the way I should go!

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