Last weekend we "sprung forward" our clocks and this Saturday (3/20) marks the official first day of Spring. What's not to love? The days get longer, temperatures begin to climb and nature is preparing to do its thing for our short Montana growing season. Residents are also getting ready for a short season of fun, much of which was dampened last year because of COVID.

We try to cram as much fun stuff as we can into our fast-moving spring and summer and it's great to have events back on the calendar around the Billings area. Here are five things you can do or check out this weekend:

If you're more of a homebody, this weekend might be a good time to service your lawn equipment or book appointments with landscapers for the season. Many repair shops and lawn maintenance companies are about to get really busy, so try to beat the rush. Bring on springtime. I think we're all ready.

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