With all the hype about the "Gods Chicken" place still in full swing, I wanted to see what our listeners had to share about their favorite chicken spots in Billings that are NOT fast food. Because, remember, "Gods Chicken" isn't open on Sunday... so how can you get your fix after church?!?

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Here are the top places, according to you, for chicken on a Sunday in Billings!

Home Kitchen

Cooking at home your own chicken is the best way to get the exact flavor and texture for sure. Though, I skip this method... mainly because I'm highly likely to set the house on fire with a deep fryer. I have used the oven and air fryer before for some chicken breasts, and it was great.

Costco/Grocery Store Rotisserie Chickens

A fantastic option if you ask me, and if you get the Costco chicken specifically, quite cost-effective in this day and age! Plus, leftovers can make for a great chicken sandwich.

Tiny's Tavern

Not just the home of the Orange Crush, Tiny's was mentioned a few times for their offerings. Classic Chicken Wings, or with a Cajun Kick. I've gotta try those Cajun ones sometime...

The Play Inn

Offering broasted chicken (usually marinated, coated, and pressure-fried) The Play Inn is a great choice for a quick chicken fix. Not to mention, they have Knoche Karaoke, and you can show off your skills singing Love Shack, baby.

Pizza Ranch

This one was odd to me, however, I have been reassured that the chicken is the highlight of Pizza Ranch. I've eaten at the location of the height a few times over the years and always went for the pizza and game room... guess I need to broaden my horizons.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite spot? Let us know your chicken stop in the App Chat or on Facebook!

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