When I moved to the Magic City in the Fall of 2012 Allegiant Air still offered service to Oakland just as cheap (sometimes cheaper) than their Las Vegas fares. Unfortunately they cancelled service to California's Bay Area in January of 2013 and it hasn't returned. Allegiant also offers service to Los Angeles but only during the summer. Why? I get the summer service as families vacation during the summer months when the kids are out of school but why wouldn't Allegiant want to offer those fares during the winter? Do they think we like it when it's -20 outside? I remember flying to Oakland on their last flight out of town and the plane was full... I mean, where would you rather be in the middle of January. Sure, here in Montana we celebrate the 4 seasons but it would be nice to get a break from the cold without paying $500 for a round trip ticket somewhere warmer. After all, while activities like skijoring (pictured above) are awesome, cold crappy weather gets old after awhile. Come on Allegiant, get with the program!

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