Instant oatmeal is great, especially when it's 10 below zero on a brisk Montana morning. Hot, comforting, easy to make... what's not to love about a somewhat healthy breakfast, that's ready in :60 seconds? Possibly a few seconds longer if you make a double-batch of the tiny paper pouches that seem to hold only a tablespoon or two of rolled instant oats, dried fruit pieces and weird, powdery, freeze-dried flavorings.

Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

Lately, I've been dipping into the kids stash of oatmeal and usually the ONLY flavor left in the variety-pack box is maple and brown sugar. Apparently nobody at my hungry household likes that flavor. Not the kids, not the wife, not even the dogs. Well, they'd probably eat it, but I know it wouldn't be their first choice. I don't like it either.

Just the smell of the syrup makes me go "eww" and toss the pack back in the pantry. I tell my family to stop buying it if everyone hates it, yet the jumbo Costco boxes keep showing up. Everyone blows through the cinnamon and raisin, banana, peach, apple and whatever else flavors, but nope, look at all those nasty maple packs.

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Unbelievably, I found someone who says maple and brown sugar is their favorite flavor. My boss Johnny V claims that he LOVES it. I said, "Let's trade!" You give me the flavors you don't like and I'll give you all the nasty maple and syrup packs you can handle. Here's the bag I brought to work to trade.

Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media Billings

Help me settle this once and for all. What is the worst flavor of Quaker Instant Oatmeal? Take our poll. And if you wanna' trade, I've got plenty of maple and brown sugar to get rid of.

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