This week across Billings has been a somber one, with the closure of a handful of local businesses to start the New Year... and now, another announcement has come forward.

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No Tattoo Expo For 2024

The organizers of the Big Sky Tattoo Expo have announced that "due to unfortunate circumstances", the 2024 Big Sky Tattoo Expo is canceled.

The organizers did say they plan to return in 2025 with a new venue, however, that venue is under construction at this time. They took time to thank everyone for their support and will be refocusing their time this year on their own personal business.

ICYMI - Closures in Billings

Since the start of 2024, here's our running list of closed businesses and canceled events across the Magic City:

2024 is looking to be an eventful year for business in the Magic City, and only time will tell what will be the next big business change in Billings.

What businesses would you like to see come to Billings? And, what EVENTS should make Billings their next stop in 2024? It is becoming clear that Billings needs something new and fresh to revitalize the community.

What are your thoughts?

Will you miss the Big Sky Tattoo Expo? Will it hurt to skip a year? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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