Well, this just delays my plans to go to our neighbor to the north just a little bit longer but hopefully ends before the summer is done.

The USA Today

Credit: Homeland Security via Twitter

This means the border between Montana and Canada will have been closed for well over a year but there has been a lot of progress. Canada has had trouble getting the COVID-19 vaccine out to their general public and Montana has been helping folks in Alberta. Recently, the Blackfoot tribe vaccinated over 1,000 Alberta residents because they had a surplus of vaccines and Montana just started to vaccinate Alberta truck drivers.

As soon as they reopen the border you better believe I am going up to Canada to see some old friends and to travel because Canada is beautiful this time of year and makes for a perfect road trip. Hopefully with a majority of citizens here in the United States getting vaccinated will help the process of reopening the border. Or we can use our surplus of vaccines to help Canada get vaccinated, either way we should help out our neighbor to the north and get the border back open.

For more details, check out USA Today.

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