Most of my driving life has been right here in good old Billings, Montana.  That would be 40+ years worth of winter driving.  As I was heading home around 9am for a "lunch" break from work I went up North 27th street.  The snow was coming down pretty good.  I got to 27th and Poly by the 407 restaurant and people with front wheel drive could not get through the light to turn left.  As I got further up next to MSU-B, cars that were trying to turn on to Rimrock Road couldn't get enough traction.  To make things worse, some were backing down 27th in the turn lane.  I realize I drive a 4x4 pickup.  I am also smart enough to know that 4x4 doesn't mean squat when trying to stop.  I guess today was our first real test of winter ready vehicles, winter ready drivers and winter ready smarts.  Drive safe!

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