Jeff Howell

Is The Ground Hog Right?
The groundhog says that spring is coming early, and yet I got my travels in today and nothing but snow, wind and cold. Do I believe in a rodent or my old knees that said something is coming?
Vacation View
This is my vacation view.  My wife and I went on a vacation and took a great view from my camera.  Sitting on the bench, watching the sunset was awesome!  I read a few months ago about the worst pictures from vacations. Pictures of  food, drinks, lounge chairs, toes at the end of…
Is It Summer Or Winter?
This is a picture of one of my daughters playing softball in Columbus.  Yes I'm a proud dad.  (she threw the person out!).  I wonder how warm it has been.  I don't believe in the climate change, global warming stuff.  I do know that I miss my kids playing out side,…
Do Jack-a-Lopes exist?
I was out checking on the Christmas lights this morning on my house. I must say it is pretty fancy: One string across my gutter line.  I'm it's sure stunning to most of my neighbors!  Then, I came across these footprints in the snow.  Being a well Montana trained hunter, I k…

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