• The Carbella Bridge (aka Tom Miner Bridge) approximately 20 miles north of Gardiner collapsed earlier today. The historic bridge was built in 1918 and was recognized on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010, according to Bridgehunter.com.
  • At 3:40 pm, the Mayor of Fromberg extended the Evacuation Order to include all locations in Fromberg east of Highway 310 due to flood hazards. An American Red Cross Evacuation Center has been set up at the Bridger High School Gym.
Photos courtesy Stillwater County Disaster and Emergency Services
Photos courtesy Stillwater County Disaster and Emergency Services
  • The Stillwater County Disaster and Emergency Services office reported this afternoon at 1 pm that Nye Road 419 is now closed. Bridges out or closed at this time include: Fireman's Point, Riddles Cliff, Johnson Bridge, Spring creek, and Old Nye Campground. All campgrounds south of I-90 in Stillwater County are also closed. Reports indicate workers at Sibayne Stillwater Mine were evacuated via helicopter and rescue rafts.


All entrances to Yellowstone National Park have been temporarily closed today due to flooding and hazardous roads.

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Over the weekend a combination of warm temperatures, steady rain, and spring runoff has created serious flooding in some areas of the state. The city of Red Lodge is experiencing severe flooding Monday morning (6/13) throughout a large portion of the town.

Images via Facebook, Fletcher Ramirez, used with permission
Images via Facebook, Fletcher Ramirez, used with permission

Water is flowing like a river through town.

Fletcher Ramirez shared the pictures (above) and the video (below) of water running through the streets. The bridge at the intersection of Highway 212 and Highway 308 (by the Red Box Car) is heavily damaged.

Multiple roads and bridges are closed in Carbon County

According the Carbon Alert community Facebook page, as of 8 AM today (6/13) the following roads and bridges are closed:

  • Hwy 212 between 14th street and West Fork Road.
  • Hwy 308 bridge
  • 19th street bridge
  • The area east of Broadway from 19th to 14th
  • Roads along the creek
  • Kainu lane
  • Park Ave
  • Meeteetse Trail at Rock Creek
Red Lodge City water has been restored, but at this time residents are being asked to boil any tap water before drinking or cooking.

The Yellowstone at Corwin Springs has hit 100-year flood levels.

According to the National Weather Service Billings, the Yellowstone River at Corwin Springs has hit 100-year flood levels, the highest it's been since 1918. High water is raging through Paradise Valley. The Park County Sheriff's Office reported multiple closures and imminent flooding in flood-prone areas. As of 9 am Monday,

US 89 South is closed between mp 13 and mp 15 due to mudslide, rocks and water on roadway. Gardiner to Mammoth is closed due to rocks and water on the roadway. Reports of 4 feet of water over the roadway in Silver Gate. Carbella bridge is closed due to water on the bridge. Mol Heron bridge is impassible due to down tree and water on the bridge. Burnside Rd. flooding from Mill Creek. The Yellowstone River stream gauge at Corwin Springs is showing record water flow. Stream gauge at Carter's Bridge is broken.

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Multiple roads are impassible in Stillwater County as well.

The Stillwater County Sherrif's Office issued a flood warning at 9 am Monday on their Facebook page, issuing this information,

There is extensive flooding around Absarokee, Nye and Fishtail, along the Stillwater River this morning. We have deployed Fire-Rescue, Law Enforcement and the Roads and Bridges Department. There have been many voluntary evacuations, from the area, as well as rescues from homes. Multiple roads are flooded and impassable. Assessments of roads, bridges and homes have begun and will continue throughout the day. The county will be blocking roads as needed. Please avoid the area and don’t drive through water.

The photo below, submitted by resident Nicole O'Shea shows a washed-out road on the East Rosebud. O'Shea said many property owners in this area are currently stranded and have no idea how long it will be before power is restored to the area, or when they'll be able to get out.

Photo by Nicole O'Shea, used with permission
Photo by Nicole O'Shea, used with permission

Flood warning for the Billings area.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning through Wednesday for the Billings area, as the Yellowstone River is expected to reach the 14-foot level. Those levels were last recorded in 1974 and 1997. Minor flooding is expected, before waters crest sometime in the next two days. Please stay away from river banks and do not attempt to cross flooded areas.

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