Happy 4th of July!  I like to call it Independence day.  Laurel had their huge parade at 11am this morning.  I don't know the numbers this year but it was huge.  Then you have fireworks tonight at dusk from Laurel and Billings Heights.  It has been a VERY hot holiday weekend.  Trust me I know.  I've been working out in my yard with new landscaping ideas.  Moving in sandstone, about 100 at least, moving out river rock, too many to count.  I need to take a break after working early in the morning to beat the heat and decided to run to a local national chain food place to get a sausage muffin.  You know the place that used to feature a clown.  I ordered one, let me emphasize, ONE small processed muffin.  $1.99 total cost.  To make sure I didn't not drip the non drippy meat on my shirt, the fast food joint was happy to hand me 11 napkins in my bag.  That is the picture above,  11 napkins for one dry breakfast sandwich.  At first I was stumped.  Why 11 napkins for one dry sandwich?  I thought what a waste!,  Then it  occurred to me that the fast food joint is actually looking out for me!  What if I have a sneeze attack!,  If I keep going back, what if, down the road in 14 years, I'll have enough to be starter fire for the well talked about winter of 2031.  I've changed my mind.  I am, after all a business minded guy.  I going to start a campaign for ugly brown garbage cans where you can drop off  your unused napkins.  I can use them for fire starter, home insulation, and if I glue them together, I can use them to cover a broken passenger side windshield on a car instead of plywood with a 4x5 hole cut out for safety.  Have a great 4th of July today and most important, be safe, drink enough water, love on you kids and enjoy family!  If you need a napkin to wipe off the sweat from the heat, stop by a fast food joint, they have plenty

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